3d geprinte scharnieren en handvaten voor in de camper

3d Printed hinges and handles for our campervan

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Anyone who has a campervan, mobilehome or large camper does know it, sometimes something breaks off, such as a handle or a hinge. Then you start looking for a replacement part, which can be quite a search. Certainly if you already have a slightly older model, parts are often no longer available. Then a 3d printed part offers a solution.

But even if you build your campervan yourselves like we do, you sometimes want something different than what is standard available. We have designed the kitchen block ourselves for our Iveco Daily. We wanted to determine the layout of the cabinets ourselves. And since we were enjoying ourselves, we created the design of the hinges and handles also ourselves. We have a 3d printer at home, that is an Ultimaker 2, with which we have printed the hinges and locks ourselves in the colors that we like. Perhaps in a while we will decide to choose a different color scheme. And, yes, that is easy, because we have made and saved the 3d drawings ourselves.

See, that is the advantage of making and doing it yourself. Did you know that wooden handles can also be printed? Even if you would like to it’s possible to print it from metal. But, yes you need another 3d printer for that. There are even more 3D printed parts in our self-built camper. Of course we will also share those items on this website in due course. Watch the video below.

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