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About the course basic modern upholstery skills

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About the course basic modern upholstery skills
The course is published on E-learn platform Udemy. The advantage of this is that you have no advertising breaks, the lessons are subdivided into sections. Sometimes we have added an E-book as a reference. There are tips and a Quiz here and there. The online training on udemy is paid.  You can pay with paypal in all sorts of currencies. After following the Udemy course you can still ask questions via the Q&A (question and answer). The language is English, but everything is deliberately kept simple so that you can easily follow it. It comes with a free competencematrix.

A number of basic exercises are discussed in the videos that you should actually know before you upholster a chair. We show you step by step how we do this. In total it’s 7,5 hours of lectures. Udemy Upholstery fundamentals

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