Button machine and accessoires

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Always wanted to know how to make an upholstered button? Well then the playlist below on our youtube channel answers that question. You need various molds and buttont parts. If you do not have the right die with the correct button part, then you run the risk, for example, that your artificial leather is cut through at the bottom. Do you have very thin fabric and the button parts come loose? Then it can help to put an extra piece of cotton underneath. Is your leather very thick and does it not fit in the mold? Then skiving is an option (you remove a layer from the back of the leather) Or try spraying silicone spray in your mold.

Playlist Astor 51 button machine and accessories.

There are seven videos in total:

The machine and accessories

Die-cut the circles from the fabric

Make an upholstered button out of fabric

Make an upholstered button of artificial leather with a fabric die

Make an upholstered button of artificial leather with a leather die

Make an upholstered leather button

Make a large button from thick mohair fabric

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