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Make a leather seating for your campervan

If you have a self-built camper, you will encounter several things. Such as making seating which you also want to use as a bed. In itself not very difficult to make, only it is always proliferating with the space you have. Because we want to use every centimeter in our van, we have chosen not ….  Read More

DIY A shabby chic leather patchwork footstool

What I mean by shabby chic is that the work looks a bit old, but is still made with care. This also applies to this footstool. The vintage leather that we used is from pieces that we had left from other projects. It contains scars and quite a few color differences and unpainted pieces. The ….  Read More

About the course basic modern upholstery skills

About the course basic modern upholstery skills The course is published on E-learn platform Udemy. The advantage of this is that you have no advertising breaks, the lessons are subdivided into sections. Sometimes we have added an E-book as a reference. There are tips and a Quiz here and there. The online training on udemy ….  Read More