Category: Upholstery do it yourself projects

Repairing and upholstering a car seat

A common problem is that the side of the seat on the driver’s side get’s damaged. In this video I will show you how to fix the foam and use the old fabric as a template for the new fabric. The subtitles are also the explanation. You can turn this on and off at the ….  Read More

Upholster a heavy duty work stool

In our own workshop we reused these two stools by reupholstering them. Very handy because they are adjustable in height. We have removed the seat and back of a work chair. Of course we have left the electrical part intact to be able to adjust higher and lower. Nice and luxurious though. Because the chairs ….  Read More

Easy parasol repair

A common problem with parasols is that the sticks poke through the fabric pockets. With this simple and fast repair you do not have to remove the entire canvas. The video has no subtitles or spoken explanation as I think it is easy to follow.  

Making a simple leather belt with a buckle

There are of course different ways to make belts. You can first buy all kinds of tools, such as special knives, punches, gouges, paint, stamps, etc. But in this video I show you how it can be done in a simple way. I do use my hand press, but there are also handsets for sale ….  Read More

DIY A shabby chic leather patchwork footstool

What I mean by shabby chic is that the work looks a bit old, but is still made with care. This also applies to this footstool. The vintage leather that we used is from pieces that we had left from other projects. It contains scars and quite a few color differences and unpainted pieces. The ….  Read More