Category: Cushions

Working with velvet sewing a boxed sofa cushion

I know, this is a very long video. But if you would like to know how to sew a pillow with a velvet fabric, this video can really help you on your way. Anyone who has ever worked with a velvet fabric knows that the poles in the fabric work against each other. A good ….  Read More

Boxed cushion cover with zip and topstitching for a sofa

This is a fun project to do yourself. And don’t be put off by the word “Zipper”, there’s no need for that. In this video I show you how easy it is to make a cushion with a raised edge, zipper and decorative stitching. These types of pillows are very common. For example in caravans, ….  Read More

Sew a pillow cover with pleated Turkish butterfly corners and zip

In the video below I show you how to make a cushion cover with pleated corners and a zipper. Such corners are also called Turkish or butterfly corners. It is not very difficult and especially the zipper part is very simple. So don’t be put off. If you would also like a welt or also ….  Read More

Make a cushion for your garden or patio chair without a zipper

How do you make a cushion for your patio or garden chair without having an old cushion that you could use as an example? It’s much easier than you think and without having to use a zipper. An old shopping bag will help you, but just a piece of cardboard  will work too. Watch the ….  Read More

Make a scatter cushion with piping and blind zip

At the request of a number of regular visitors to our website and YouTube channel. How to make a decorative pillow with trim and invisible zipper. You can see it in the video below. And you really don’t have to be afraid of the word “zipper”. It’s just a technique and you can learn it.