Choose subtitle language and turn it on

Drie talen beschikbaar Nederlands Engels en Spaans

We have made subtitles for most videos of Stof en Steen. There are many more to do, but we well get there in the end. Well I know there are many videos on youtube that have subtitles, but I didn’t see the text appear. I didn’t know how to turn them on.

For example, if you live in the US or UK and you see subtitles in Dutch, you can easily switch to English. At least if this subtitle is added. Normally your IP address ensures that if you go from the the UK or US with your browser (eg Explorer or chrome) to a website that you will see the English page. Sometimes not. That is, among other things, why I am writing this article.

To begin with if there is a video with subtitles you will see this indicated at the bottom of the video with CC

Next click on the wheel to see if there are added subtitles in multiple languages for this video.

Het wieltje om voor de ondertiteling te kiezen









In this case there are three languages available. In Dutch, English and Spanish.

Drie talen beschikbaar Nederlands Engels en Spaans










I have choosen for the English subtitles.

De Engelstalige ondertiteling staat aan







And it works, I hope this item is of any help.