Creating subtitles in multiple languages for youtube video

Strangely enough, I did not know that you could make subtitles in different languages ​​for one video. I have more or less mastered that now. Forgive me if something is missing here and there. Youtube currently works with different dashboards, both the classic and the new (creator studio). This is still in the Beta version which they mean a “test version”. Wikipedia says this about it: “A beta version is software in development that is not yet stable enough to be put into production, but is already (partly) functional”

This makes it difficult for me as a content maker to make good subtitles. Every now and then you have to switch from a classic dashboard to the beta version for different components. Our website is multilingual. Well, I would like people who are interested in furniture upholstery from, for example, an English-speaking country to end up on the English-language page with the relevant article and video inserted. I would like to show that video with the English title, English description and subtitle in English. It took some searching, but I show you how you can do that with the classic dashboard with the photos below.

We start with an overview of the youtube channel of Stof and Steen

Overizht youtube kanaal stof en steen




As you can see on the photo, I have been muddling for a while. A Meubelstofferen Dutch Playlist and a Upholstery (English) playlist and more of course.

The titles of the playlist and description can be translated into multiple languages as follows. Because the playlist Free course basic upholstery has not yet been translated, I take this as an example.

Click on view full playlist

Afspeellijst Stof en Steen









As you can see I wrote the text of the playlist in Dutch and in English. That is not so nice. That could be better. Click on Edit at the bottom left.





Then you click on the three dots at the top right then a dropdown menu appears with the bottom line Translate playlist info.






You then get the option: Original language – I set this to English.







You must then set the language in which you want to translate the playlist. I now choose Dutch by clicking on: add new language, I choose Dutch and click on: Add.

You can choose from many languages. And you see that with me the info buttons etc are all in English. I hope that the language buttons on your screen are in English as well, that it speaks for itself 😊




Fortunately I had already put the text in Dutch and English in the Original description. That is then again a lucky thing. I cut the Dutch text and paste it in the translation window. I do the same for the title. And then click on: save.

So that was one thing arranged. Off to the videos themselves.






I want to translate the video “Safety” from English to Dutch. Click on the video. As you can see on the photo there is no subtitle. I have recorded this video in English. Even if you click on the wheel it says that the subtitles are off.






Click on the three dots and in the dropdown menu you choose to add translations.







Now you come to the next screen. It says here that English subtitles have already been made automatically. That’s because I set that when uploading the video. If you don’t see this, you can add it as before. I will explain this in a later blog.








Click on the card to turn on the automatic subtitle.







Then click on the wheel on the automatic subtitle.







A check mark now appears.









Click on the wheel and then on automatic subtitles.









You now get a screen with the automatic subtitle with timing. correct the text if necessary. First click on the action button and choose edit




When you are ready, click on publish.




You now see that subtitles have been published and also automatic ones. You just have to remove the latter. Go to the automatic and click on it, you will get a screen with undo publication. That way you can never be mistaken about which subtitles are the right ones.









Then we go to the tab: Action in the drop down menu, click on srt.file and save it.









So click on save. For me this is set to my PC, downloads, but that may be different for you. So pay attention to where, which folder etc you save the file. You now have the complete subtitles in a srt.file on your computer.




Now we can start to translate. Go to the website






Here the translation is super fast. Click on Subtitle and then on: open







You now get a pop up, click on browse.




Find the Srt file on your computer and click on your srt file to open it.








Then click on load subtitle in the pop-up window.





Your subtitles will now appear on the screen.

Click on autotranslate.






choose google and choose your language in which you want to translate subtitles. Google translation is getting better, but you may still have to correct some things. Click OK.






Then click on Save download at the subtitle menu.

Pay attention again to where you download and save the srt file.








Back to the video. Click on add new subtitles.

Choose Dutch or the language in which you have translated your srt file. Well google then.







And then for file upload.





Then go to your srt file in the language in which you want your subtitles now. And click upload.









Adjust the subtitles if necessary and click on publish.









And voila you’re done. The subtitles in English and Dutch, plus a translated playlist title and text (that you do not see yourself)