Gispen stoel stofferen

DIY how to upholster a steel tubular chair model Gispen

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This tubular frame chair model can be a Schuitema, but just as well a Gispen or a De wit. In any case, it is a common Dutch design model. That’s why I made an extensive video. It may be a bit slow for some people, like in the old days with slow TV. Haha, but if you have never upholstered a chair, then it is handy that you can see everything well. If it makes you impatient, then you simply fast foward the video a bit further. To “how do you fold the corners” for example. I show that at the following times in the video. 11.40 min, 16.37 min and 21.20 min. Then you know that. Furthermore, I have not used a dacron this time. Simply because it was not used with the previous upholstery.

Because this tubular frame chair is a typical Dutch design, I have spoken the text in Dutch. The subtitles are translated also to English. You can turn it on and off at the bottom right of the video.

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