Label stof op de rol

Fabric on the roll calculator

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The fabric on the roll calculator can save you a lot of time.
Especially at the end of the year. Most companies then have a stock counting day.
And yes, you have to go through the entire stock of your company and record all.
Also the upholstery shops have to do so.
But if there is one annoying job, that’s enroll the complete roll of fabric.
So it can be measured to see how much fabric is left on the roll.
I am aware that if you have for example ordered a roll of 30 meters, and
you have delivered a project, you could write down how much you have used.
You could write that neatly on a card and stick it on your role, as below.

Label fabric on the roll

But in practice there are a number of causes that can be thought of, that this is not at all done or
is not done correctly.
So in order that you do not have to spend a few days measuring the fabric rolls, we have the
created the fabric on the roll calculator. You still have to do something for it, such as measuring the outside diameter
and inside diameter, the fabric thickness and the number of windings. For the latter
you could put a pin between every 10 turns. That’s handy especially if you have a big roll.
The calculator is fairly accurate, but if you need to cover an object with the fabric, we recommend
you to measure the fabric yourself. Because we are all human and a mistake is easily made.
Below you can see what you have to do, write down the measurements and enter them here calculator

Fabric on the roll explanation

A : Diameter of the roll

B : Diameter of the core

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