Hoe werkt de Storelocator Zoek een meubelstoffeerderij

How does the Storelocator work Find an upholstery shop

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How does the Storelocator work Find an upholstery shop

Enter your location and click search. On the left you will get a list of upholstery shops in your area. You can choose to search in a larger area by clicking the radius button.

Do you have a furniture upholstery shop, but you are not yet on the store locator? Or do you know someone with an upholstery shop that should be among them? Let us know at info@stofensteen.com and we will add you for free.

The Storelocator Find an upholstery shop is updated every time there are changes or new registrations.

Upholsterers are registered under several codes via the Chamber of Commerce. This makes it almost impossible to produce a complete list. We have noticed that there is also a lot of visitors from abroad to the website. Do you have an upholstery shop in and do you want a listing on the store locator? We are happy to include you. You can register via the email address above.

Do you want a featured image with your name and more detailed information for your customers. That is possible, please contact us about the possibilities. Info@stofensteen.com You can view an example by looking up Stof en Steen in Krommenie. Search term “Krommenie”.

Are you a supplier and do you want to advertise on the store locator “Find an upholstery shop” or elsewhere on our website. That is also possible, please contact us about the rates and possibilities. See our B2B Page

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