Lecture 17. The end result

Well it took a while, but there it is. A completely new chair. We are 17 videos further, but then you know something. We are of course not just doing anything here. You really want to learn a bit more about upholstery. Otherwise you would not have seen this first part of the free basic furniture upholstery course. Have you upholstered a chair yourself based on the past videos? Show it to me. Send a photo of before and after the reupholstery.

In the following lessons we will deal with three drop in seat. All in a different way. It may seem the same at first glance, but it is not. It is often in small details.

Below the video I made a link to the Pdf document as a reference for this chair. And a link for a substance plan. Both free to download.
You can turn the explanation and subtitles on and off at the bottom right of the video.

PDF Upholster a chair with plywood seat and backrest

Upholstery fabric plan

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