Les 2 De oude bekleding van de zitting verwijderen

Lecture 2 Remove the old fabric of the seating

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Try to remove the old upholstery and staples as much as possible. Yes I know, there are a lot of staples or sometimes nails in the couch. If you don’t, you have the chance that if you want to attach the new upholstery, the new staples will collide with the old ones. That works super annoying. Are there any nails in it? Then you can also use a crowbar. Sometimes that works better than a stapler. For your own safety, wear on gloves, put on a dust mask because it can be very dirty and dusty. Furthermore, safety glasses are a good choice. What if a staple breaks off and end up in your eye. You wouldn’t want that.

The foam for this sofa is also being replaced. This is made up of two layers. I always use one layer of SG 40 firm quality. If you do not know how thick the foam should be and you want exactly the same as what was on it, you can see that by taking a good bite out of it. Don’t bite it out yourself …. just use your old scissors. Preferably not your fabric scissors because it becomes rather blunt of foam. Because the edges are often worn and therefore much thinner, it is best to measure a little further.

Furthermore, the entire sofa is made bare so that we can start with from scratch. The burlap is also removed. Well, jute comes in a number of weights. Some are woven very loosely, that doesn’t help you so much. Use a more tightly woven and therefore thicker type. Otherwise it will be broken in no time and all your hard work is done for nothing.

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