Lecture 2. Safety

It all seems very logical to protect yourself while working with tools. Yet I see in practice and also in other tutorials that people often wear a ring, bracelet or a necklace. Imagine what can happen if you are removing the old upholstery with a staplelifter and hickory mallet and you hit your finger. This can sometimes get swollen and if you have a ring on, it can be quite painful. Or you what if you get stuck with your bracelet behind the new leather upholstery resulting in a scratch on the leather.

Or, for example, you are cutting foam with your foamcutter and your necklace is in the way. And watch out with long hair, wear it in a ponytail or something like that. You do not want to think about your hair turning around your cordless screw machine.

If you are going to remove the old upholstery, goggles, dust mask and gloves are not a superfluous luxury. The foam is often completely crumbled and that is no fun to inhale.

Well, you will find that when you start working on a chair, you sometimes have to take on the most difficult positions in order to work properly. And you also come across the dirty things. (I will save you the details) So from the very beginning, take all the jewelry off. Wear as much gloves, goggles and dust mask as possible.

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