lijst met alle meubelstoffeerderijen in Nederland

List with all upholstery companies in the Netherlands

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List with all upholstery companies in the Netherlands test

We have made a list of all upholstery companies in the Netherlands and a few in Belgium over the years 2021, 2022 and 2023 for this article on our website.

How did we compile the list of all furniture upholstery companies?

By actually checking the list against reality through our contacts within the industry, we can say that the list is 95 percent correct. There are always question marks left. How does that happen? And how come to the end result? We try to explain this in the below article.

  • In 2014 we requested a list through the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands for a reasonable amount. That was still possible then. This list contained 2350 addresses with upholstery companies. After a thorough check, a lot less were left in 2017, namely 1875 shops. What was the reason for this? There are SBI Codes for business activities. You can find this on the CBS website. Various SBI codes are used interchangeably for upholstery. For example, the code for upholstery is 9524 “repair and upholstery of furniture”. However, code 1392 is also often used “Manufacture of made-up textile articles (not clothing)”. These are just two examples, at least six SBI codes are used within the furniture upholstery industry. So… it is especially difficult to find all the codes, retrieve them and integrate them into a complete list. Yet we did this. You may wonder why we have not used the Chamber of Commerce API (Application Programming Interface) to gain an overview of the upholstery companies. We tried that but it didn’t work. So that’s why we do it by hand.
  • All upholstery companies published by us on the list have been checked for Chamber of Commerce number, address, website and email address during 2021, 2022 and 2023. This way we received registrations and cancellations via online media and were able to stay up to date. By staying alert ourselves, we were also able to spot newly established companies and add them to the list. Unfortunately, not all companies are active online and it is difficult to check whether the company details are correct.
  • Why? We increasingly saw “websites” coming online with data from upholstery companies. This information is often incorrect. The companies are not upholstery companies or it only concerns external advertising on the relevant website. And probably also to make you eat a lot of “cookies”. Another reason is that we heard more and more voices through our network that upholstery is a dying profession and we wanted to determine that ourselves in this way. You can decide for yourself whether that is the case at the end of this article. We felt it was necessary to make a complete list as possible.

The changes over the years of all upholstery companies

  • Over the years, now living in 2023, a number of things have changed. We will list the most notable ones.
  • Diversification by combining upholstery with other related industries. Think of:
  • Making bags,
  • Making curtains,
  • Laying floors,
  • Teach upholstery courses and workshops,
  • Making veranda sails,
  • Solve acoustic problems by means of to upholster all kinds of objects. Consider wall panels, for example.
  • Own cushion brand,
  • Lamps and lampshades,
  • Webshop,
  • Own design ottomans and stools,
  • Interior styling and design,
  • Working part-time as an employee.
  • A total of one hundred and fifty-five furniture upholstery companies have closed down. The reasons for this are quite varied. (as far as we have actually been able to determine this via online resources). Think of:
  • Not enough work,
  • Pension,
  • Died,
  • Costs of purchasing materials, such as fabrics and foam, are too high compared to sales prices.
  • Do something else because you can no longer get satisfaction from the profession.
  • Start working part-time for a boss and decide to work there full-time.
  • A total of sixty-seven furniture upholstery factories have been moved
  • Forty-six upholstery companies changed their websites or stopped having an online presence altogether.
  • The Chamber of Commerce numbers are not always permanent. If changes take place within the company, a new Chamber of Commerce number is often requested, although the address and activities remain virtually the same. If you check the old Chamber of Commerce number and it says “This branch has been deregistered”, no message will appear that this company still exists, but has been given a different Chamber of Commerce number. This was the case at thirty furniture upholstery companies.
  • Many young enterprising upholsterers do not have a website but only use social media such as Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.
  • With Instagram you will receive an answer to your question, for example about your seat, by sending a DM (direct message) or also PB (private message). Then you don’t know yet where their workshop or shop is located.
  • Facebook is generally a little more complete with company data. But that depends on the owner whether the details are filled in. You often see that the last messages were from a while ago.
  • You will get a quick answer by using Whatsapp. This is therefore frequently used by furniture upholstery companies. Those who have modernized their website use this app.

And now the fun facts and figures: Our store locator lists a total of 1118 upholstery companies in the Netherlands. All checked in 2023. This was a total of 1284 in 2022.

Province Total 2023 Total 2020 Number stopt Number moved Number website changes
Drenthe 27 30 7 1 0
Flevoland 16 15 3 0 2
Friesland 72 67 5 3 2
Gelderland 171 173 18 13 8
Groningen 35 31 5 3 3
Limburg 66 66 5 1 4
Noord-Brabant 176 175 22 11 4
Noord-Holland 201 197 28 14 8
Overijssel 67 79 14 2 2
Utrecht 72 66 8 6 2
Zeeland 21 19 4 2 1
Zuid-Holland 194 215 31 11 10
België 97 67 6 5 3

* There are still a number of upholstery companies on our list that we still have to check. Of course, newly established upholstery companies are also added on a weekly or monthly basis. Or we find some that were not yet known to us, for all the reasons mentioned above in the article.

** Differences between the years 2020 and 2023 are caused by companies that have stopped, but are also supplemented by starters and movers.

Anyone who does (re)upholstery or has or knows an upholstery shop, both in the Netherlands and Belgium, can register via Also furniture factories where you can go to have your favourite designer chair reupholstered. Or, for example, if you make custom mattresses. Registration is highly appreciated.

Thank you so far for your contribution for sharing, liking and passing on.

Would you like to use our Excel list so that you can filter and compare with your own database? Please contact us for the price.

Until the next update.

Marja Kooreman

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