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Make a cushion with a zipper for a garden bench

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Really, it’s not hard to make a pillow with a zipper. You just have to know how. And I show you that in the video below.

The most important thing is your machine. I have a quick stitcher especially for thinner fabrics. A juki. That is a single transport machine that sews very fast.

The foot is a special zipper feet. This is actually meant for spiral zippers, but with a YKK or Optilon zipper it works fine also.

I use a zipper from the YKK brand here, because the teeth of this zipper are just a bit smoother than the other brands. And a spiral zipper is hardly used in upholstery furniture. You often see them in decorative cushions.

For the explanation you can turn the subtitles on or off with the wheel at the bottom right of the video.


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