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Make a decorative pillow without a zipper.

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This is the easiest and fastest cushion that you can make yourself. You go to for example Ikea. You buy an inner cushion of 50×50 cm for around two Euros there. Nice side effect you can have breakfast right away.

Then you cut a 42×42 cm template. To prevent donkey ears, at least I think it is ugly if there are those sharp points on a decorative pillow. A little attention to a quickly made pillow is also allowed. So to avoid those points, cut from 6 cm from the corner to 1 cm at an angle. On all sides.

You place the template on the back of the fabric. Copy the outline, cut out and place a line where you want the bottom to be. Give a cut on both sides. The opening for inserting the inner cushion remains in between. We do not lock or zigzag this time. It is an easy and quick pillow I promised.

Make a backstitch at the cut, stitch around 1 cm from the edge. When you arrived at the other cut, make a backstitch off again. So now flip the cover. Press the corners well out. Insert the inner cushion.

You can hold the opening together with pins. Back to the sewing machine and just stitch.

And there it is, a simple and quickly made scatter cushion without a zipper.
Quickly and easily create a decorative pillow without a zipper

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