Zitgedeelte bank met leer voor een camper maken

Make a leather seating for your campervan

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If you have a self-built camper, you will encounter several things. Such as making seating which you also want to use as a bed. In itself not very difficult to make, only it is always proliferating with the space you have. Because we want to use every centimeter in our van, we have chosen not to turn the walls into a straight box. It would have been easier to assemble a number of objects. At first we had made all bed parts equal. The thickness of the HR foam is 10 cm. The length of one part is 1.12 meters and the other part 95 cm. It is the intention that when we are on the road that the green cushion (next to the brown one) can be removed and stacked on top of the top bed. This makes it easier to take the camping chairs with you without them roaming the entire bus. The green cushion at the top protrudes and gets in the way when you sit on the brown leather bench. We have now made the design another way, so that when we are at the destination, the bed can be easily retracted and the cushionis removable to stack on the other leftmost cushion. Only and here is the trouble, the sitting area of ​​the bed, so the now brown leather bench was not comfortable at all with two persons sitting on it.. We are quite different in height and weight. So the bench had to be adjusted. Then we immediately made the whole design different from the bed parts. It is not difficult at all, but you need to be put in the right direction.

Watch the video below. You can turn the subtitles on and off with the wheel at the bottom right of the video. And yes, the video is divided into chapters, which you see in the description. If you click on the time schedule the bit that you are interested in, for example folding the corners, the video starts with that chapter.

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