roll up blinds

Make roll up blinds for your camper

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You probably know them, those silvery slippery and sliding blind for your camper.
They are always in the way. Every evening you have to fix them with suction cups.
Besides that, not for all campervans there suitable formats, so you have to make them yourself anyway.
Why not adjust them to your own taste? Well, we did just that.
Below a video of how our blinds look and work. They can now stay where they are and we no longer have to store them every day in the limited space that we have.
In the video we show how we first made a test piece.

The materials are:
Synthetic leather suitable for outdoors
Yarn half polyester half cotton due to damp
Dacron 100 grams
Snap buttons nickel plated
We made the brown leather handles from remnants.

Pay attention to the material selection. The artificial leather and dacron are fire retardant and have a certificate for that.

If you do not see the subtitles, please check the CC button in the right bottom corner of the video

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