Online course Reupholster a Gispen steel tubular chair with clasps

Gispenstoel met klemmen herstofferen

On the E-learn platform Udemy we have made a course Reupholster a steel tubular chair with clasps. Always wanted to know how to get the seat and backrest loose from a gispen chair where you cannot find any bolts or screws? The backrest consists of two parts. The upholstery is fastened with staples. If you have a similar chair that you would like to re-upholster yourself, then this course is suitable for achieving a professional end result. You get an explanation about tools, fabric and foam. Step by step the chair is stripped of the old upholstery and foam. The chair is then built up and can last for years. This model is from the Cirrus series. There are many models of this type of chair. The backrest consists of two parts. This training is English spoken. But if you prefer the Dutch version, no problem we have such a version as well. The link to the course is above the photo.

Via Udemy Reupholster a Gispen chair with clasps