Online course Upholster chrome tubular chairs

This course has now been merged into our online course at E-learn platform Udemy Upholstery Fundamentals. In total 5,5 hours of upholstery lectures.

In this online training on E-learn platform Udemy you learn to reupholster a number of common tubular frame chairs yourself. These are Gispen (not the one with the clasps), schuitema and de Wit. At first glance, they all look the same, but we show the different ways of replacing the foam. And also the various ways in which you can cover the backrest. And apply the fabric on the back in several manors. Furthermore, we also deal with a number of problems, such as an everturning bolt. The course takes 2.5 hours in total. If there are other models coming in our workshop, we will add them to the course. The nice thing is that you have lifelong access and so you can always look back. Even in a few years. And it comes with a free competencematrix.

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Online course Upholstery Fundamentals incl. re-upholster various models of chrome tubular chairs