Online course upholstery tools and industrial machines

Our online course about Industrial tools and machines has now been merged with our online course Upholstery Fundamentals on E-learn platform Udemy. In total 5,5 hours of upholstery lectures. online course Upholstery Fundamentals incl. the course Industrial Tools and machines

This course contains almost the entire range of tools and industrial machines that we use in our own upholsteryshop. I will show you how, for example, how the sewing machines work and how to thread a overlock machine. But also which tools you use for which job. Have you never upholstered a chair and you don’t know where to start? Which tools are needed, then this course is suitable for you.

Do you dream of starting your own furniture upholstery shop? Then check this course, you will know which machines and tools you could possibly want to purchase. The course is taught in English. No difficult words, if you look at the videos you immediately understand what it is about.

If you have any questions after following the online training, you can do so via the Q&A of the E-learn platform Udemy.

You can register via the above link,  you can pay with paypal in all sort of currencies.