We created some free online upholstery videos on our youtube channel.

We also have courses on E-learn platform Udemy. These courses are more accomplished with an E-book, tips and sometimes and a quiz here and there. They are build up in sections.  The cost per training is always for the best price of 12,99 Euro. You can pay with paypal in all sort of currencies. For every online training on Udemy there is a preview available, so you know what you are going to learn.

You will find the link to our playlist on youtube and Udemy above the pictures.

In these video’s we will go through a few basic exercises which you need to know before you will start to upholster a chair. Step by step we will show you how we do it. There is a free competencematrix to download.

via Udemy Reupholster diningroom chairs The modern basics class 12,99 Euro





The Online training, industrial machines and tools is about how to thread a sewing machine and how does a overlock machine work. But we will also show you what other kind of tools are used in a upholstery shop. Very handy to know, certainly if you are planning to start your own upholstery project.

This course is available via Udemy, which have no adverts and is very accomplished. If you have any questions after following the course you can ask them through the Q&A.

Via Udemy Industrial machines and tools for upholstery 12,99 Euro




Furthermore we have a playlist called Upholster a Martin Visser sofa. Which is a typical Dutch design. The video’s show you how to reupholster this sofa step by step. In due time we will translate our Dutch E-book into English for a more detailed step by step guideline. Like what kind of foam you will need etc.

Via youtbe Upholster a Martin Visser sofa free

Martin Visserbank zelf bekleden
Upholster a Martin Visser sofa






You can enroll our online course Upholster a vintage cocktail chair on E-learn platform Udemy. This design is from Artifort which is a typical Dutch design brand.

via Udemy DIY Upholster a vintage cocktail chair 12,99 Euro








Upholster a steel cantilever tubular chair with clasps is also a typical Dutch Design. It’s the most reupholstered chair in the Netherlands. The full course is available via Udemy. The secret is in the clasps.

via Udemy DIY Upholster steel tububar chair with clasps 12,99 Euro







We published a course on E-learn platform Udemy which is all about tubular chairs.

Via Udemy Upholstery chrome tubular chairs Enroll here for 12,99