We created some free online upholstery videos on our youtube channel Stof en Steen

We also have courses on E-learn platform Udemy. Some sections are  accomplished with an E-book, tips and a quiz here and there. They are build up in sections.  You can pay with paypal in all sort of currencies. For every online training section on Udemy there is a preview available, so you know what you are going to learn. Watch the introduction video here below. The link below the video will direct you to E-learn platform Udemy for the course  of 5,5 hours in total.

via Udemy Upholstery fundamentals




In the first section you will learn how to re-upholster dining room chairs from scratch.




The second section of our online course Upholstery fundamentals is all about industrial Tools and Machines. How to thread a sewing machine and how does a overlock/serger machine work. But we will also show you what other kind of too

ls are used in a upholstery shop. Very handy to know, certainly if you are planning to start your own upholstery project.













In the third section I will take you on a steel tubular chair tour. World wide these tubular chairs are used as dining room chairs as well. I will teach you how to re-upholster them from scratch.








In the fourth and last section of the Upholstery fundamentals course you will learn how to recover a vintage cocktail chair.

Then we have another specific on line course on E-learn platform Udemy.  Re-upholster a steel tububal chair with Clasps.







Re-upholster a steel tubular chair with clasps E-platform Udemy