Juki industrial machines

Our Juki industrial machines in the upholstery workshop

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I love my Juki industrial machines which I use on a daily basis in the upholstery workshop.

Also I know that there are a lot of questions from people about industrial machines. Which one should I buy, why this particular model, what kind of thread do I use, which size needle do I need and so on.

I have made three playlists on our youtube chanel with video’s about my Juki industrial machines. Hope these makes it a bit more clear to you. Which model to buy is all up to you, it depends of what you are going the make with the machines.

Juki Lu 562 Triple transport sewing machine

Juki 5550 4 Single transport sewing machine or quickstitcher

Juki MO 6700 Overlocker or serger

For example a quickstitcher or single transport sewing machine is not going to help you with thick upholstery fabric. A double transport makes you life easier, but it is still not good enough if you for example what to do a lot of topstitching. Then a triple transport is the way to go.

So all in all, aks yourselve what I am going to use the machine for, what feet are available on the market etc. Just remember to think in the long run too. Now you might be only sewing throwpillows, but perhaps within two years you will be sewing windowcushions with a welted cord-piping in thick “faux” leather. You’ll never know…. It is an investment for life.

For the history of Juki models click on this link and you may well find your older model which is still running after 30 years or so. Manuals are available too. Juki Industrial machines history

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