Swallow in the upholstery workshop

Swallow in the upholstery workshop Today we had a swallow in the workshop. It were two at first. But one soon one went out the door again. But this one had trouble finding the door or just wanted to stay …. Instead of chasing the animal to get it out, we did something else. We ….  Read More

One, two

Is he going to make it across?

One and a half mile

Every day I walk about one and a half mile to the upholstery workshop. In this video I show you what I encounter along the way and which animals are around the workshop. It is a 20 minute drive from Amsterdam. Enjoy it, I do that every day on my walk to work. With headphones ….  Read More

Make a leather seating for your campervan

If you have a self-built camper, you will encounter several things. Such as making seating which you also want to use as a bed. In itself not very difficult to make, only it is always proliferating with the space you have. Because we want to use every centimeter in our van, we have chosen not ….  Read More

Making modern cushions for a Morris style chair

Who does not know them, the Morris style chairs or fireplace chairs. We made a video for the modern version of the cushions. It has a foam filling and a cover with, top stitching and a zipper. Below the video, it is recorded in Dutch and has subtitles in English, Spanish and Dutch. You can ….  Read More