Our Juki industrial machines in the upholstery workshop

I love my Juki industrial machines which I use on a daily basis in the upholstery workshop. Also I know that there are a lot of questions from people about industrial machines. Which one should I buy, why this particular model, what kind of thread do I use, which size needle do I need and ….  Read More

List with books about upholstery

In addition to our own E-books in the series upholstery (Dutch only, for now), we have made a list of books other about upholstery. Do you have a book of which you think should be listed as well? Send an email to info@stofensteen.com with the name of the author, the title of the book and ….  Read More

Sewing machine upholstery which model do you choose?

It has been a few years ago that I visited Hans Volger (The Netherlands). We made a vlog together about a sewing machine in the upholstery shop. It is now Hans Volger and Son, but the operation of the machine is still the same.

Button machine and accessoires

Always wanted to know how to make an upholstered button? Well then the playlist below on our youtube channel answers that question. You need various molds and buttont parts. If you do not have the right die with the correct button part, then you run the risk, for example, that your artificial leather is cut ….  Read More

Hand press machine accessories and possibilities

Have you ever wondered how to make a grommet in a boatcover? How you fasten thick leather for example, a dog leash with rivets? How to hammer in a curtain ring that also stays solid but without sewing? Or how about upholstered buttons? You can of course make those with a button machine. These are ….  Read More

Dismantle Artifort chairs model F140 and F141

This time I’ll show you how an Artifort chair is stripped of its upholstery. In itself it is not that difficult to reupholster the chairs. You use the old covering as a template. Some experience with a sewing machine and some 3d insight is a plus. If you take a good look at the chair ….  Read More