Bekleding camperbed vervangen

Replace the fabric cover of a camperbed

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Replacing the upholstery of your camper bed is really not that difficult. From experience I know that many campervan owners are reluctant to reupholster their own camper or caravan themselves. Of course the sizes are different for everyone and there are also different types of models. This video is about a rectangle cushion on a wood panel with side panels. It couldn’t be simpler.

Because it can sometimes get damp in a camper or caravan, we first made a cotton cover. This also makes the upholstery a little easier. The furniture fabric slides over it more easily. And if there are any dents or bumps however you want to call it ? in the cuhion, you can easily correct them.

So don’t be afraid to make a mistake, just do it.

In the video I have already removed the old upholstery. We have various videos on our youtube channel, how you remove the old upholstery and with which tools.

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