Leren capitonneren op een paneel

Sewing a diamond pattern and make a deep buttoned tufted panel

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If you’ve never deep buttoned or sometimes called tufted a panel, it’s helpful to learn how it works. We made a video of it. This is best done by sewing the diamond pattern first. It is not difficult, but it is precision work. And of course a lot of patience. Every project has its own dimensions. In the video below I show you how you can make a small panel in this way. The advantage of this method is that all diamonds have the same dimensions and that all pleats are the same. If you want to make a large headboard for a bed, the dimensions of the diamonds will probably increase as well. But if you are going to make a small pouf, the shapes will become smaller. It’s what you like most. As a tool we have designed and printed 3d templates on our 3d printers. You can download the 3d drawings for free in our webshop. They are STL files that you can adjust in the Cura program. 3d templates diamonds for deep buttoning. You can also find the free 3d drawings for the backbuttons in our webshop.

Of course you can achieve the same effect without having to sew the entire pattern first.  Would you like to know more about deep buttoning? We made a playlist on our YouTube channel. Stof en Steen YouTube.

You can turn the English subtitles in the video below on and off yourself. Have fun.

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