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We are currently working on the translation of our E-books. In the meantime you can download our free 3d drawings. You will receive a link on your screen and also a confirmation by email with the download link. Did you not receive anything or did the download fail? Send an email to info@stofensteen.com and we will contact you as soon as possible by digitally sending the STL File to you.

There are a number of mandatory fields that must be filled in, otherwise your download will fail.

How to order a 3d drawing in our webshop:

Place the relevant document in the shopping cart.
Click on the blue link, view shopping cart.
Click on the blue bar, proceed to checkout.
Enter your first name and last name.
Choose the country in which you live.
Enter your email address.
Check the terms and conditions box at the bottom of the page.
And click on place order.
You will immediately see a link on your screen to download the STL file and save it on your computer, laptop, smartphone or iPad.

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