3d printed Seam allowance marker set

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3d printed Seam allowance marker set

This 3d printed seam allowance set is very useful when upholstering furniture. You especially need the rings if you have to make a cushion, for example, or if the old fabric has decomposed a bit and can no longer be extracted to make a good template. The rings are also a useful accessory if you need to draw out the foam larger than the wood of, for example of a seat. See the video below.

We usually used a stainless steel ring, but the holes are often either too large or too small for all kinds of pens, pencils and markers. Our 3d printed set of rings have such an opening that all types of marking material (points) fit. The seam allowance dimensions are 1 cm, 1.5 cm and 2 cm. They can only be ordered as a set. The price is for 3 rings (complete set) 12.50 Euro including VAT and excluding shipping costs via PostNL Letterbox package with Track and Trace. Do you prefer to print the rings yourself on your 3d printer? No problem, you can download the 3d drawing for free in our webshop.

If you like to order a set, please send us an email via info@stofensteen.com We will let you know the exact shipping costs first. This as the shipping rates vary for a lot of countries and they change quickly at the moment.

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