3d printed template tapered corners for cushions

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3d printed template tapered corners for cushions

We designed and 3d printed this template to create tapered corners for cushions. It has two different sizes. One side runs from 13 cm to 1 cm and the other corner from 6 cm to 1 cm. You use the largest corner for decorative pillows and the smaller one for example for chair or lounge cushions. From the printed stripes it is respectively 13 and 6 cm to 1 cm. The 2 cm in front of the lines will help you keep the stencil straight against the edge. The material or filament is Ngen color Orange.

Why use a tapered corner template?

You taper the corners of a decorative pillow to prevent “Doggy ears”. This prevents empty corners in a lounge, sofa or chair cushion. This template is especially useful if you make a lot of cushions. Of course you can also just make the template out of cardboard.

The 3d printed template will be sent via PostNL as a letterbox package with Track and Trace. The costs are 9.95 Euro incl. VAT, exclusive shipping costs.

We also have free drawings available in our webshop, so you can print the templates yourself. We have also made a video on our youtube channel before. You can switch the English subtitles on and off at the bottom of the video.

You can see how the 3d printed template works in the video below.

If you like to order the template, please send us an email via info@stofensteen.com We will let you know the exact shipping costs first. This as the shipping rates vary for a lot of countries and they change quickly at the moment.

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