3d printed templates deep buttoning

3d printed templates deep buttoning

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3D printed templates deep buttoning.

We designed and 3D printed these templates to serve as a practice example to make a deep buttoned headboard. Every project has its own dimensions. If you want to make a large headboard for your bed, it might be nicer to make the diamonds larger. But if you want to make a small ottoman, smaller diamonds are better. In any case, below is a video tutorial on how to sew a pattern of diamonds and attach them to a panel. The advantage of sewing the pattern first is that all the diamonds look the same and the pleats are all the same size. The templates are there to provide support so that you have an idea of where and how to start. Have fun learning how to deep button .

Material information

The material or filament is Ngen and colors are: Silver gray and Red. Use the silver-gray template to mark your diamonds on the fabric and the drawing on the wood. And for the markings on your fabric to sew the diamonds in an arc, use the red template. Dimensions of the templates are as follows: Silver gray outer dimensions for the fabric 20×15 cm and inner dimensions for your marking on, for example, the wood and foam 18x12cm. The red template is 20×15, with an arc of 4 mm cut off, so that you can mark the fabric and sew the shape on the marked lines.

Why should you use a template?

In any case, with these 3D printed templates you have some guidance on how to get started. This will give you a better feeling for the project you want to start or have already started. As previously written, you do not have to sew the diamonds, you can also directly form a diamond pattern and fold the fabric inwards. But if you learn to understand how the shapes work through the templates, it really works to your advantage. This way you will be able to apply the method more quickly without stitching the diamonds shapes. It’s mainly practice, practice and practice.

Pay attention to the height and hardness of your foam and the stretch in your fabric, this ultimately determines the difference between the fabric template of the caption and the drawing on the wood or foam.

Price of the 3d printed templates deep buttoning

The price is 9,95 Euro incl. VAT for the set of two template. The silver grey and the red one. It’s  exclusive the postage.  If you would like to order a set, please send us an email and we will let your know the postage costs first. As the prices for postage differs from country to country and the rates changes quick. And sometime the shipping costs are higher then the total order.

The 3D printed templates deep buttoning as a free drawing

We also have free drawings available in our webshop, so you can print the templates yourself. We have also made several videos on our YouTube channel about padding. You can switch the English subtitles on and off at the bottom of the video.

You can see how the 3D printed templates for deep buttoning work in the video below.

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