Free 3d drawing for a 3d printed washer template for seam allowance


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These 3d drawings are very useful if you have a lot of sofas and chairs to upholster. Previously we used a metal ring to draw out the foam 1 cm larger all around. Works, but not great because the hole is often too big for your marker. You can also use the ring if you want to make a pillow with a difficult shape. Often the edges are top stitched and it takes quite a bit of time to pry off. Now you can simply cut the fabric along the seam, stick it on a piece of cardboard and place it on the new fabric. With the ring you can easily draw a new seam of 1 cm with, for example, a disappearing marker. We made our own design for it so that just about all pens, pencils and markers fit in it and the tip stays firmly in the bottom part. The drawings are available in three sizes: one centimeter, one and a half and two centimeters. Otherwise, watch the video below first.

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