Lecture 3. How to disassemble the seat

It saves a lot of work later if you work systematically with upholstery from the start. Soon you will be enthusiastic and want to get started. Understandable though. But take a moment to photograph the chair. That way you can always check again how the corners were folded.  I attach the new upholstery exactly like the old one. In general (that’s what I do). Certainly if you do this for a paying customer. This way there are no surprises for the customer when you return the chair. If you are going to do the chair up for yourself, then of course you decide what you want to do. To prevent mistakes, I mark the old upholstery with an arrow for the nap and a line or “U” from under. And if you want to do a set of chairs, then it is useful to number the seats and backrests together with the relevant frame. You would think the chairs are made in a factory and all the holes for the screws and / or bolts are in the same place. Well that is not alwaysthe case. And then you can spend a few hours putting the chair back together. And by the way, I hardly ever use the old screws or bolts. Unless it is of added value. The heads are often just slightly damaged so that you do not get them screwed back properly. Or the thread of a bolt can be a bit worn.

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