Leather beret Norn Colour scheme

Below a video of our 8 panel leather beret for the colourscheme. Our cowhide leather beret Norn is available in the Netherlands via Bol.com If you would like to order one from abroad, please send us an email at info@stofensteen.com and we will inform you about the shipping costs.

Make a scatter cushion with piping and blind zip

At the request of a number of regular visitors to our website and YouTube channel. How to make a decorative pillow with trim and invisible zipper. You can see it in the video below. And you really don’t have to be afraid of the word “zipper”. It’s just a technique and you can learn it.

Leather flatcap Thor 8 panels

This stylish cap THOR is produced in the Netherlands and made of genuine cowhide leather. The cap is available in the Netherlands via Bol.com in dark brown and burgundy red. If you like to order from abroad, that’s no problem. Email us and we will send you a paypal link in order to be able ….  Read More

8 panel leather beret Norn

This quirky, fashionable but also stylish beret was designed in the workshop of Stof en Steen and is produced in the Netherlands. The beret that has the name NORN is made of genuine cowhide leather. The beret is available in the colors Ocher yellow, Bordeaux red, Gray green and Rust brown. The beret is available ….  Read More

Our Juki industrial machines in the upholstery workshop

I love my Juki industrial machines which I use on a daily basis in the upholstery workshop. Also I know that there are a lot of questions from people about industrial machines. Which one should I buy, why this particular model, what kind of thread do I use, which size needle do I need and ….  Read More