Lijst leveranciers meubelstofferen

List upholstery suppliers

List upholstery suppliers Are you a supplier of upholstery fabrics, leather, foam, accessories or other? Would you like to be included on this list? Send an email to Placement is free. Do you want a logo or link to your website? Then check our B2B page. Do you have an upholstery business and are …

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Gestoffeerde muurpanelen maken va n oude stelligen

Creating upholstered wallpanels from shelving units

Creating upholstered wallpanels from shelving units This is a short tutorial video about making upholstered wall panels from old shelving units. It is part of our upholstery course on the E-learn platform Udemy. The duration of the total course is 8 hours. You will learn how to upholster chairs step by step. You gain knowledge …

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Buizenframe slede stoel bekleden

Recover a cantilever tubular chair

Recover a cantilever tubular chair. The video how to recover a cantilever tubular chair is part of our Online course “Upholstery Fundamentals” on E-learn platform Udemy. You can turn the English subtitles on or of at the bottom of the video. Here is the link to E-learn platform Udemy.      

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