What do we do

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What do we do and what don’t we do?

Welcome to the website of Stof en Steen.

What do we do? We focus entirely on sharing information about upholstery and adjacent techniques.

We are an author and publisher, we write and sell, among other things, E-books about upholstery.

We make all our instructional videos ourselves and we are happy to share them with you.

We are also a designer for and of our own products, including 3d printing.

What we do:

  • Online upholstery training courses via youtube Stof en Steen, this website and E-learn platform Udemy
  • Writing and selling E-books about furniture upholstering
  • Create and share videos about upholstery
  • Video courses upholstering E-learn platform Udemy
  • Own label Stof en Steen for sale of our own 3d designs

We make blogs and vlogs about what we find interesting.
Above all, we do things that we enjoy ourselves

There are also things that we don’t do (anymore).

  • One of those things is the upholstering of furniture for customers and companies.
  • What we also don’t do is sell materials and supplies.
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