Free 3d drawing template tapered corners for cushions


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If you make a lot of cushions, and we mainly mean decorative cushions, then this 3d printed template will be helpful. You prevent the pillow from getting “dog ears”. We don’t like the fact that the points stick out quite a bit and therefore are often not well filled. By chamfering the corners, even if only minimally, you can already see the difference. In the video below we used a small template for the first pillow that goes down eight centimeters with an arc of one centimeter from the corner. The second pillow is made by just stitching a square so you can tell the difference. Of course you can also make a template from cardboard, which we did in the past. But this 3d drawing is very accurate and symmetrical. Moreover, we also think it is modern to 3dprint a template. Two drawings are included in the zip file. A mold of 8 cm and a mold of 13 cm. As we noticed along our upholstery journey, the measurements of the arcs varies in taste.

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